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Midlife Update Coaches 1975-95
In the meantime, our passenger stock from roughly the same era (1975-95) has also been overhauled. These coaches have been published now as DLC, along with the freight cars mentioned in our latest post. The releases of the 1700 and 1100 tp4 have therefore been updated once more and are now available under version 2.2. Coaches midlife update
Midlife Update Goods Wagons 1975-95
When test driving the NS 1700 and 1100 (era 4), it emerged that the included freight cars from the early years of Railworks could also benefit from a midlife update. In the meantime, the textures, inscriptions and many details of this equipment have been overhauled and will soon be available as separate DLC. In anticipation of this, these goods wagons have been incorporated into new releases (V2.1) of the 1700 and 1100 tp4 that have now been published. Goods wagons midlife update
Midlife Update NS 1100
As part of our Grenzlandbahn project, the era III version of the 1100 has already been re-rendered and refitted with a new cab. The post 1968 version has also been upgraded now. On top of that she received DVD and ATB (EG) – the Dutch AWS equivalent - simulations. Both the 1100 and 1700 are suitable for operating on the Retro Canvas Route. NS 1100 Midlife Update
Midlife Update NS Series 1700
The NS 1700 is one of my oldest addons. The mesh still dated from MSTS, built with gMax and converted to TS 2013, now ten years ago, with indifferent textures and some coarse gloss effects. The new version has been thoroughly overhauled and looks more realistic with a higher level of detail and improved textures. The engine got a new cab with DVD and ATB(EG) - the Dutch AWS counterpart - on board. NS 1700 Midlife Update
OBB Reihe 93 updated
After the release of the OBB Rh 93 a number of change requests were made by our Austrian friends, resulting in a new version 1.1 and an 8th variant, the Wutachtalbahn WTB BR 93 1360. The latter is shown in full DB steam livery after an overhaul job by AW Meiningen, during which the loco was repainted. The other machines have now got their original front signals. Engine numbers on smokebox doors have also been adjusted. OBB 93 V1.1
Bauernwaldbahn: new version
Due to popular demand, we have brought forward a new release of the Bauernwaldbahn. A version (1.1) is now available in the downloads section with improved details. The route has been made suitable for QD sessions, in which narrow gauge locos can be selected as light engine. Now these are all provided with modest specular effects. We also mention the increased passenger density on the platforms when boarding and alighting, as well as presentation improvements (manuals, icons). OBB G12 family
OeBB G12 family released
The Austrian versions of the G12 family (Series 656 -fictional- and 658) are available as freeware DLC with QD-consists for single locomotives and various freight trains on our Steam DLC Page. OBB G12 family
G12-family fix and fictitious OBB Series 656
When testing a fictitious Austrian version of the BR 56 the injectors no longer worked, possibly due to the latest TS upgrade. That has been fixed by modifying the engine simulation blueprint. New DLCs (build 20230526) of the G8.2/G12 family are available on our steam DLC Page. OBB Rh 656
NS 3700 in post-war livery
Our new version of is now online, with many freeware addons. But not all recent projects are present yet. We are working on that: A much improved NS 3700 has just been published in its post-war livery. This is soon to be followed by the NS 1700, just like the series 2-300 and 5-600 in NS corporate style. NS 3700
Wilbur Graphics website upgraded
In 1998 the first Wilbur Graphics website was launched to create a showcase for the long standing activities of its founder, Henk van Willigenburg, mainly in the field of technical illustrations for the aviation and model railway press. Over the last ten years however the studio has been almost exclusively engaged in building TS Classic objects and routes, which from now on will be reflected in a new version of our website. WG website V6
Scenario Editor Tutorial
Creating TSC scenarios can now be learned from following the step-to-step approach that the WG Scenario Editor offers. This tutorial also explains how to use the QuickDrive menu for setting up QD sessions and building consists, and will also tell you how to operate the Scenario Editor in assign Player Spawn Points to route locations like sidings and platforms. Available in Dutch and English in our downloads section. Scenario editor tutorial