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Downloads: Diesel engines

This page contains a number of diesel engine downloads that we built for TS Classics, mainly of Dutch and German origin. Downloading will start by clicking the red arrow.

DB Kof II Kof II shunter in three liveries (DB, DR and privately owned), 14 freight wagons in 29 cargo and type variants and three scenarios (DTG Konstanz-Villingen and WG Retro Canvas Route). Trailer Manual Download
DB V 188 Old warhorse in DB service for TS Classic in two liveries, with 20 goods wagons and five preloads.Four scenarios for the Grenzlandbahn are included. Trailer Manual Download
DR BR 110 Well known diesel replacement for aging Reichsbahn steam, mainly used in branch line operation, medium goods services and heavy shunting duty, with 20 DR goods wagons and two preloads. Trailer Manual Download
NS 2-300 For almost 60 years these small series 2-300 shunters performed yeoman service in NS Dutch station and factory yards. With NS goods wagons. Diashow Manual Download
NS 2-300 This series of diesel-electric shunting locomotives were built in Great Britain during WW2. After the war, the Dutch State Railways (NS) acquired 115 locomotives of this type. In 3 variants with coaches and goods wagons in 6 consists. Diashow Manual Download